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About us

Wachi Brand”  is a Thai brand  located in Thailand which is one of the best location for coconut farms. We are manufacturers and distributors of healthy and organic products .

Our virgin coconut oil  is organic, pure, unrefined and cold pressed out of fresh coconuts by centrifugation process. It is naturally clear colored, will solidify in temperatures below 24°C and has the beautiful aroma of coconut.

Our products are certified by Organic USDA/NOP, EU and JAS, to ensure that it is free of chemical products like harmful pesticides and herbicides, and not made of genetically modified plants. Our products are 100% made from coconut, no added preservatives nor has it gone through any process to bleach or change its appearance or taste. Hence its nutrients are intact and it is a naturally very stable oil with a long shelf life. 

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JAS USDA Organic Organic Farming
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Contact us

Whether you request more information about our products, would like to purchase or distribute Wachi Coconut Oil products, feel free to contact us. 

We will be happy to answer your request. You can contact us by :

Email : contact@wachithailand.co

Telephone : 
+66 (0) 3808 8164
+66 (0)6 1820 6778